Turtle Race game using Python Turtle


Race the turtles using Python! Aaryaman is a student at Skoolofcode. In Skoolofcode he is learning how to code in Python using some fun projects. He got a chance to build a program called Turtle Race game using which he learned the concepts of Loops and User-Defined Functions in Python. What is Turtle Race Game […]

Build simple webpage with HTML and CSS

web development for kids

“How do I introduce coding to my child?” This is a question many parents ask themselves – and Web development is a great place to start. Web development can be a good entry point for K12 kids to start learning coding. Kids can create their own simple websites by starting with building simple webpage with […]

Angad’s Coding Journey With Microbit

Microbit Simulator

Angad is a student of Skoolofcode who started learning Microbit. He was new to coding and was very excited to start learning coding on Microbit. He was a little surprised at how tiny it is, but he quickly got used to it. The best part about learning on Microbit is that you can see your […]

Arnav’s Scratch Game Coding Journey

Scratch Programming

Arnav is a young boy learning coding in SkoolofCode. He enjoys coding because he can have fun by coding his games and then playing them with his family and friends.  After spending some time in SkoolofCode( now more than a year), Arnav learnt a lot about Scratch. He’s excited when he sees what you can do in Scratch. Scratch, as […]