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Industry-leading course completion and retention rates of greater than 95%

A lot more than coding

Learning to code opens a whole new world of exploration and play for your child, equipping them with a powerful way to build and create. Our program goes beyond coding education, helping them prepare for the digital future.

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progressive curriculum

Structured and progressive curriculum

progressive curriculum

We bring together the best from the education and programming worlds. We use tried and tested practices like project-based learning and working in small groups to foster holistic growth.

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Hand-picked teachers—experienced and highly qualified

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All our teachers have advanced computer science degrees and experience in K-12 teaching. Our 5-step recruitment process includes vetting by industry insiders from the top tech companies.

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Founded by parents, for preparing children

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SKoolOfCode was founded by parents who yearned to prepare their children for the digital future. We strive to create safe, transformative spaces with a culture of care, resilience, and progress.

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Industry-leading course completion and retention rates

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Kids and parents love our program! We are proud of our greater than 95% course completion rate and the fact that more than 95% stay with us for multiple courses.

Our courses

All our courses are carefully designed for grade and skill levels, and enable a smooth learning progression for your child. Our admissions advisor will be happy to help you select the right course for your child.

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Simple, affordable fee structure

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$95 per month

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$225 per month

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No hidden charges
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Hi! I’m Kadam, your teacher at SKoolOfCode!

Being passionate about all things STEM brought me to SKoolOfCode. With an MTech and PhD in Electronics and over 9 years of teaching experience, I now teach Scratch, App Inventor, and Robotics. I make my classes fun and engaging by integrating ideas from the arts and sciences! I've organized numerous school science workshops, mentored kids for STEM entrepreneurship, and I've contributed to the All About STEM Radio show.

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Loved by Parents

My son Jack has been enrolled with SKoolOfCode for a year now. His teacher Nidhi has guided and taught him the entire time. Honestly, Jack has built upon and enjoyed all his lessons. SKoolOfCode has been a great outlet for him to exercise and grow his creativity. About 4 months ago, we enrolled his brother Thomas at SKoolOfCode!

Jennifer Turner, parent

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