Our Approach

Our student-centric values guide the approach to teaching at SKoolOfCode. We aim to foster self-motivated and lifelong learners.

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Our Approach to Teaching

SKoolOfCode teaches coding using the best practices in education, and our program is about a lot more than coding. Our courses help your child to grow holistically by using educational tools that have been proven to work. Read on to learn how we do this.

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Project-based learning

With project-based learning, kids learn concepts within the context of real-world problems using activities. This interdisciplinary approach incorporates concepts from the natural and social sciences to drive holistic learning and to nurture curiosity.

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Learning in small groups

It's fun to code with friends! Kids learn from each other, and the small group provides the support and security that enables learning. This very effective pedagogical method fosters cooperation and promotes social reasoning skills.

Self Paced Learning

Self-motivated learners

Lifelong learning comes from being self-motivated and curious, which is not well achieved using traditional methods like examinations. We use tools like the growth mindset and intentionally designed activities to encourage our students to be self-motivated and curious.

Modern Skills for Kids

Modern skills

Along with knowledge, kids need modern skills to thrive in this digital future. Our classes are designed with a holistic focus, to help students develop these essential skills like resilience, teamwork, public speaking, and quick thinking.

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