Coordinate System with Free Fall Animation

Coordinate system

Scratch games are an amazing way of learning the Coordinate system of Geometry. In real life, Coordinate Geometry is used in maps, GPS and Air Traffic Control. Coding in Scratch is a child-friendly way of understanding it. We have different Motion blocks that help us to define the position of an object on the stage […]

5 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Kids

best programming languages

In this day and age where technology is our prime need, programming languages might become a necessary skill set. Knowing programming languages gives your child an edge in several ways. From an early stage of their life, they can develop an instinct for technical products. This will give them an edge later in their careers. […]

Build a beautiful webpage with image and CSS styles

Webpage with image and CSS

Building web pages is fun and easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, coding makes kids and adults alike more creative and helps us to solve problems differently. Aashi at Skoolofcode built a beautiful webpage with image and CSS while learning web development. By adding an image and using simple CSS styles on […]

Kingston’s My Neighborhood Animation

Kingstons Neighborhood

While children grow up in their surroundings, they start observing lots of things. They love to tell everyone about their neighborhood. We, as teachers, at SkoolofCode, encourage them to appreciate their surroundings and teach them to take pride in their neighborhood. This inculcates a sense of belongingness in them at an early age, which helps […]

How to Choose Perfect Coding Classes for Your Kid

Coding classes for kids

In today’s fast-paced technology-dependent world, coding has become an essential skill to have for all young individuals. It is very important for children to learn coding from a very young age. There are several online classes for coding. At SkoolOfCode, you find the best programming classes along with highly trained coding tutors.  Coding classes won’t […]

Fortune teller with Microbit

Fortune teller with Microbit

Aarna is a student at Skoolofcode. Coding is fun for her as she is able to build fun projects like Fortune teller with Microbit. She started her coding journey with Microbit. Microbit is a minicomputer through which you can interact with the real world. Microbit is a microcontroller (minicomputer) and has a lot of sensors […]

Learning in Groups versus One-to-One

benefits of one to one learning

Which is better when learning to code? Many studies demonstrate the benefits of both learning in a group as well as learning one-to-one. Although some teachers and parents strongly advocate for one method over another, students can benefit from both educational strategies. However, does it depend on the topic being studied? For example, which method […]

5 Fun Summer Activities For Kids Learning


Everyone loves summer break, especially students. Just watch students on the last day of school; they grin from ear to ear as they throw papers in the air and backpacks under the bed or in the trash. It is a time to celebrate. The lazy and hazy days of summer are about to begin. However, […]

Reasons why kids should start learning coding at early age

Coding program

Children are impressionable, and when they learn coding their mental flexibility is challenged. These challenges help them build several skills over the course of time. Children can benefit a lot from learning how to code. It is important to note that coding can give children an edge in several spheres of life. They learn various […]

Animated Christmas Card with Python Turtle

Animated Christmas Card

Create Animated Christmas Card with Python Turtle This Christmas, why not send a card that is both festive and fun? Or why not show your friends and family how much you love them with an animated card created all by yourself? Here is a tutorial to create an animated Christmas card with python Turtle to […]