Small Device, Big Dreams: Microbit Marvels Come Alive at SkoolOfCode

Magic of Microbit

Step into a world where the language of technology collides with the magic of storytelling. Welcome to the captivating odyssey of “Coding through Storytelling,” a realm where code isn’t just a series of commands, but a brush that paints vivid digital narratives. In this enchanting fusion, young minds don’t just learn to code; they embark on exciting quests, solve digital mysteries, and build their own tech-driven tales. Join us on an extraordinary journey where lines of code become the ink that scripts epic adventures, and every keystroke crafts a new chapter of innovation. Discover how we’re transforming coding into an irresistible tale, capturing imaginations and propelling learners into a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

In the enchanting realm of coding for kids, where imagination meets technology, there’s a place that stands out as a beacon of learning and creativity. Welcome to Skoolofcode, the prestigious and progressive institute that offers young minds the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of coding. Unveiling the Magic of Microbit imagine a device so small, yet so mighty, that it can respond to your every command. That device is Microbit – a tiny gadget that introduces young learners to the captivating world of coding. At Skoolofcode, we believe that even the smallest dream can create the biggest impact, and Microbit is here to prove just that.


The SkoolOfCode Experience:


At SkoolOfCode, we’re not just teaching coding for kids; we’re nurturing the next generation of digital creators. With expert teachers and a holistic STEM-based curriculum, we offer coding classes for kids that spark their curiosity and fuel their imagination. Our commitment to quality education shines through as we guide young minds through the intricate yet exciting journey of coding.


Crafting Dreams Through Storytelling: SkoolOfCode’s Engaging Approach


At SkoolOfCode, we understand that every line of code holds the potential to weave a captivating tale. We don’t just teach coding; we embark on storytelling journeys that captivate young minds and fuel their creativity. With a blend of innovation and imagination, we’ve harnessed the power of storytelling to attract and engage students like never before.

Imagine a classroom where coding becomes an adventure, where each project is a chapter in a digital saga. Our teachers, armed with their expertise and passion, guide students through these coding tales, infusing the learning process with excitement. From coding games for kids to building interactive projects, every assignment is a chance to shape narratives that unfold on digital canvases.

But our storytelling approach isn’t limited to coding projects alone. We believe in creating an immersive experience that nurtures young talents. In the enchanting realm of SkoolOfCode, characters like Alex, Maya, and Liam come to life, navigating through the challenges of coding with the spirit of explorers. These characters embody the dreams and aspirations of our students, making the learning process relatable and inspiring.

Just as a story has twists and turns, our coding journey isn’t always straightforward. Students encounter puzzles to solve, hurdles to overcome, and solutions to discover. It’s through these challenges that our young coders build resilience and problem-solving skills. And just like a satisfying ending, every project completion is a victory, boosting confidence and nurturing a love for learning.

The heart of our storytelling approach lies in making coding accessible to all. We understand that not every student starts as a coding prodigy, and that’s perfectly okay. Our friendly and expert teachers ensure that every child, regardless of their coding background, finds their place in the story. Whether it’s coding for beginners or diving into more advanced projects, we create an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard.

Our stories don’t end within the classroom. They extend to our online coding classes for kids, bridging the gap between learning and real-world application. Through projects like creating step counters, building digital compasses, and even making lights dance with applause, students learn that coding isn’t just lines of text – it’s a language that empowers them to shape the future.

At SkoolOfCode, we’re more than just a coding institution; we’re a gateway to dreams realized through code. With storytelling as our compass, we navigate the vast world of technology, inspiring young minds to create, innovate, and believe that with each line of code, they’re crafting their own digital epics. Join us on this journey where small devices hold big dreams, and coding becomes the pen that writes the future.


Microbit Adventures: Unleashing Imagination Through Code


Once upon a time, in the magical land of SkoolOfCode, where dreams turned into lines of code and ideas transformed into digital wonders, there lived a group of curious kids. These kids were not just any ordinary kids; they were brave explorers of the digital realm, and they were about to embark on a thrilling adventure with Microbit!

Now, you might wonder, what is Microbit? Well, imagine a tiny gadget that could do incredible things with just a touch of your imagination. Microbit is like a magical tool that lets you bring your ideas to life through the power of coding. It’s like a digital canvas where you get to paint with commands and create your very own masterpieces!

One sunny day, the kids gathered at SkoolOfCode, excited to learn about Microbit. They were greeted by their friendly and knowledgeable coding teachers who wore smiles as bright as the sun. These teachers were not just teachers; they were coding wizards, ready to share their secrets with the young apprentices.

“Welcome, young coders!” exclaimed Miss Byte, their lead instructor. “Today, we are diving into the world of Microbit. It’s a tiny computer that you can program to do amazing things.”

The kids listened with wide eyes as Miss Byte explained the concept. Microbit was like a magic wand that could make things happen in the digital world. You could make it count your steps, show you which direction is North, make a stopwatch, fortuneteller  and even make lights dance to the rhythm of your claps!

“But how do we make it work?” asked Alex, one of the curious kids.

“Ah, that’s the fun part!” replied Miss Byte. “You’ll use a special language called coding. It’s like giving instructions to your Microbit to make it perform tricks. Just like a recipe for a magic potion, coding is a recipe for your Microbit’s magic!”

The kids were intrigued. They couldn’t wait to start coding and see their Microbits come to life. Miss Byte and her team guided them through each step, showing them how to write simple codes to create the step counter. With each line of code they wrote, the Microbit responded, counting their steps as they moved around the classroom.

As the days went by, the kids explored more magical projects. They created a compass that always pointed to the North Star, helping lost travelers find their way. They giggled with joy as they made lights blink and change colors with their claps, as if the Microbit understood their applause.

Through their journey with Microbit, the kids learned not only about coding but also about creativity, problem-solving, and the joy of turning ideas into reality. SkoolOfCode became their second home, a place where they could dream big and make those dreams come true, one line of code at a time.

And so, dear young explorers, the adventure with Microbit at SkoolOfCode continues. With each new project, you’ll discover the magic of coding and the endless possibilities it brings. So, gather your courage, put on your coding cape, and get ready to weave your own digital tales of wonder with Microbit, the tiny device that holds the power of dreams in its heart. Your journey into the world of coding and creativity awaits!

A Glimpse into the Future As we bid farewell to our coding adventures, we can’t help but wonder about the impact of these Microbit experiences. The coding and robotics for teens that begin at SkoolOfCode lay the foundation for a future where technology is a canvas for boundless imagination.


Microbit Effectiveness in Classroom


There are studies on the effectiveness of using the micro:bit in the classroom. Here are some findings from the search results:

  • A systematic review of the use of BBC Micro:bit in primary school identified several benefits of using Micro: bit in science education, such as improving students’ programming and computational skills1.
  • The micro:bit has been found to be the easiest and most effective learning tool for digital skills and creativity, enabling children to participate in the digital world2.
  • A study focused on the perceived professional efficacy of informatics in-service teachers with the experience of using micro-controller BBC micro:bit found that the device is useful in improving the professional efficacy of informatics teachers3.
  • The micro:bit allows educators to tailor lessons to individual needs, and struggling students might benefit from visual representations, while others might benefit from hands-on activities 4.
  • Activities with BBC micro:bit have been found to be effective in teaching statistical reasoning to lower-secondary students5.

Overall, the micro:bit has been found to be a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps children start coding and programming, improves their computational skills, and enhances their understanding of various subjects, including science and statisticsThese are just a few of the many studies that have been conducted on the impact of the Microbit. The results of these studies consistently show that the Microbit is a powerful tool that can have a positive impact on student learning and motivation.

Here are some specific examples of how the Microbit has been used to impact education:

  • The micro:bit can be used in many different ways to teach coding or computer science classes, or to run after-school STEM clubs. Game design can often be a fun topic for students that works well with the micro:bit. Students can create games with the micro:bit alone, or pair it with Scratch or an Arduino kit to make their projects more complex6.
  • The micro:bit has been found to be effective in improving students’ programming and computational skills in science education 1.
  • The micro:bit has been shown to increase student engagement and motivation in computer science, mathematics and STEM, improve computational thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance creativity and innovation7.
  • The micro:bit can be used in various activities that involve unplugged activities, algorithms, and programs that use selection and repetition. It can also be used in traffic survey data logging, where it is used to log, store, and analyze data. Additionally, the micro:bit V2 is packed with environmental sensors for light, temperature, magnetism, acceleration, and sound, and it can be used as a data logger, recording data from its built-in sensors8.

The Microbit is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of educational settings. It is a powerful tool that can help students develop important skills for the 21st century.



As we journey through the world of coding, our path is illuminated by the enchanting fusion of storytelling and technology. We’ve uncovered a universe where the lines of code we write are threads that weave captivating tales of innovation and creativity. SkoolOfCode’s commitment to this fusion has transformed coding into an adventure where lines of code craft digital epics.

Beyond our classrooms, Microbit’s impact resonates globally. Studies highlight its ability to nurture problem-solving, creativity, and confidence. From Africa to India, the UK to the US, Microbit’s influence stretches across borders, igniting curiosity and shaping young tech enthusiasts.

Our Microbit adventure may be concluding, but the spirit of innovation it ignited lives on. As we bid farewell, we invite you to join us in this enchanting journey. Let your child’s dreams come alive with Microbit at Skoolofcode. Book a free trial class now and be part of a community where coding is storytelling, and every keystroke is a step toward empowerment.

Book a free trial class and embark on a voyage where the lines of code written today shape the stories of tomorrow. As one chapter ends, a new one begins – an adventure where coding, storytelling, and dreams converge to craft a future of boundless possibilities. The Microbit is your passport to this realm of creativity and innovation.



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By –Dr. Kadam Bhambarian Educator at SkoolofCode with Ph.D. and MTech in Electronics. She is an expert in Microbit, Arduino, and Artificial intelligence.