Coding Games for Kids: The Journey from Gamer to Coder 😊

With the ever-changing advancements taking place at a rapid pace in the world of technology, Computer Programming is an incredibly advocated ability for kids. Learning to code has many blessings, whether preparing Kids for the future to emerge as computer programmers or just the basic knowledge of the subject. Exposing our kids to coding at an early age can enhance their creativity and boost their confidence.

What is Coding?

Coding is the method of giving instructions to the computer to perform a particular task. Now since the instructions are to be executed by a computer, it becomes mandatory to give instructions to the computer in a language that the computer can understand. On the other hand, instructions to a computer are given by humans who do not understand the computer language, this is where programming languages bridge the gap. A programming language or a coding language as the name suggests is a language in which we code or give instructions to a computer. There are many kid-friendly programming languages available today which is easy to comprehend and use.

Benefits of Coding for children

Coding is important as it's a far greater and more fun way to boost children’s creativity and logical thinking than many standard practices. Learning to code helps the child develop a deeper understanding of Computer Science and also empowers them to confidently find their space in the technology-driven world.

Coding not only makes a child proficient in computers but it also teaches them some life skills. Coding teaches kids–

  • Decision making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Persistence
This list is endless, however, the biggest mission is to make the coding classes and curriculum a powerhouse of fun and learning, for the kid to enjoy this journey and learn alongside. Our methodology at SkoolofCode is to make these classes fully engaging and joyous to help build the interest of the child. Once a child is engaged and enjoying the week-on-week activities, without feeling burdened with memorizing the codes and syntaxes, the learning takes place, learning that becomes a strength and stays with the kids giving them immense confidence and self-reliance.

We have prepared a notably researched curriculum that targets beginner game coding for kids to much-advanced levels of coding games. The course has been divided into special modules keeping in mind the age and grade of the child.

If you want your child to develop an interest in Coding it is very important to be aware of the teaching methods. Instead of following the traditional approach that involves going by the books, it is preferable to take a custom path based on your child’s expertise in dealing with technology and their interests. The instructors at SkoolofCode have the authority to tweak the projects onboard on the experience and interest of the child.

So, now the question that arises in the minds of many parents is, how can we introduce coding to kids to help them build their interests? The answer to this question is GAMES.

Why Coding Games for Kids?

Games are a brilliant way to teach coding to kids. Invariably kids end up showing immense concentration, persistence, and a zeal to improve the working and quality of their output when making games. There are many one-of-a-kinds of coding games available, starting from simple puzzles to complicated challenges. Some games are designed to be played by a single user; at the same time, some others may be played in a group. It’s critical to be assertive in choosing what form of coding game you choose for your child as age appropriateness is an important parameter to consider.

If you're looking out for a coding game for kids online, there are some options available. One option is Platforms that provide coding games for kids. Another option is to check out coding apps for kids that are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Here we will discuss 2 online platforms that offer an amazing experience when it comes to learning to code video games for kids using block-based programming.

Before we talk about these platforms, let me first tell you about what is block-based coding/programming.

It’s a simple drag-and-drop learning environment, which helps children build animations, games, and stories by using coding instructions known as “blocks”. This is an entry-level programming guide, where you do not require to memorize the commands and therefore easy for beginners to start coding.

Online Platforms for Game creation

1. Scratch

It is the most popular platform for kids and a free programming language to understand the fundamentals of Coding. It is an online community where children can learn programming and share their projects with like-minded people from all over the world. You have to create an account to get started ( there is an offline downloadable version available as well). Scratch is a perfect place to start if you want your kid to become a pro-level coder or even just grow intellectually in that direction. It empowers the young mind to easily build interactive games by simply connecting code blocks.

SkoolofCode offers coding games for kids online as young as six years of age. These coding 2D video games are designed to teach youngsters the basics of programming which help them build problem-solving and project designing skills. The beginners' coding course starts with the fundamentals of coding which covers the concepts of sequence, iterations, conditional sequencing, and data storage through variables.

As kids progress via the course, they will learn how to create complex platformer and scroller games with multiple levels and characters. During the progression, they unfold a few programming concepts like dynamic interaction, parallel execution, coordination and synchronization, and storing data in the list. Competing for the path, children would have a stable basis in coding and would be able to create their 2D games in Scratch.

SkoolofCode is the one-stop solution to help children kick start their coding adventures and develop a lifelong love for coding.

2. HatchXR

Another game creation platform widely used for creating 3D games is HatchXR. It’s a visual coding platform that gives students the chance to design, code, and play with their creations in VR or AR, giving them a solid foundation for STEM instruction while also encouraging the growth of vital digital skills. This platform gives two versions to build a game, HatchXR Kids and HatchXR.

Hatch Kids is a concise summary of HatchXR that is designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 10. Hatch Kids and HatchXR are fundamentally different from one another since Hatch Kids enables coding using blocks that children may simply drag and drop onto the workspace. Similar to Scratch, Blockly,, and other popular platforms used by children of this age, it is a visual programming language.

On HatchXR, however, students are required to program their games using the JavaScript programming language. Since the preceding decade, it has become one of the most widely used online programming languages. While Hatch Kids is designed for younger students, HatchXR is made for anyone (beginning or professional) who wants to learn about creating 3D, AR, or VR games or writing JavaScript.

What is the right age for the kid to learn Coding games?

Kids as young as 6 years can start to discover ways to code and create games on their own. Every child has a different way of approaching a different problem. So, the instructors at SkoolofCode indulge themselves in finding the strengths of the students and making them work on their projects. To encourage creativity and build a future-ready persona, we at SkoolOfCode follow a holistic and progressive coding curriculum that is customized to match the interest of every child. So, why wait, Book a FREE trial class today!

Many studies have shown that even kids on the spectrum can learn how to code and many times they outperform their peers. Gaming programming for kids has become a popular way to teach them important coding skills. Programming classes for kids gaming often use gaming platforms such as Scratch or HatchXR to provide an engaging and interactive way for kids to learn.

At SkoolofCode, children can learn to build games using the following platforms:

  • Scratch
  • HatchXR

Do I need to buy any Software to learn Online Coding Games for Kids?

No, you don’t need to buy any software for your kids to learn to program. One simply needs a laptop and a good internet connection. All the platforms that we use at SkoolofCode to help kids learn to Code a game are available online free of cost. So, all you need is to create an account and then begin exploring and creating projects.

To conclude, Computer games by far are the most effective way of captivating the interest of the kids and we can use this power to help kids develop and sustain their interest in coding