Reasons why kids should start learning coding at early age

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Children are impressionable, and when they learn coding their mental flexibility is challenged. These challenges help them build several skills over the course of time. Children can benefit a lot from learning how to code with scratch coding. It is important to note that coding can give children an edge in several spheres of life. They learn various soft skills as well as educational competencies like science and math! 

Why need to learn coding?

While there are several benefits of learning coding at a very young age there are also a lot of reasons why children need to learn to code today. This is the right age to learn coding for children. Some of the reasons why children should learn how to code today are:

  1. Career Flexibility – knowing how to code gives children flexibility in their careers. Apart from what they are training for in their academic life, they can also opt for a job in coding. This flexibility also ensures job security for most students. 
  2. Unexpected Edge – In the fast-paced world, technology is taking over almost all mundane tasks. Knowing how to code can help them use this skill in their job or studies. This knowledge gives them an edge over other students as well as employees. 
  3. Freelancing Opportunities – Coding is a highly in-demand skill. Apart from getting career flexibility, it also gives them an option to start a side hustle or freelance. This makes up for a great additional income source in the future. 
  4. Great Hobby – Other than the practical aspects of why one should learn to code, it is also a great hobby. It is cognitively demanding giving children a space to do the much-required mental work. While being so engaging it is also extremely fun enhancing the children’s attention span in general. 
  5. Creator Mindset – When children learn to program online they also start to have the creator mindset. With these coding and programming skills, they can start creating their own software and solve the problems they might face. This creator mindset also helps them become better leaders in the social context. 

Benefits of learning coding at a young age

Learning how to code is very important for young minds. There are several benefits to learning coding and some of them are:

  1. Competitive Advantage – one of the most prominent benefits of learning coding is that students get a competitive advantage in their curriculum. Coding helps children understand the concepts of science and math better. This edge in their academic curriculum can make coding classes for kids a fun activity while making them learn different skills at the same time. 
  2. Organized Thinking Skills – When children code they are solving several problems in the process. From the inception of the idea to the execution of the code, it is important for them to structure their thoughts and ideas. Coding helps children organize their thinking patterns. These skills can be generalized to several other areas of life. 
  3. Enhanced Collaborative Effort – Coding is usually done in a peer group. With constant practice of working in a team, children learn several skills. They learn conflict management, give feedback, and much more. They also learn how to communicate their ideas better. All of these skills are essential when it comes to working in a team or playing in a group. 
  4. Well Prepared for the Tech-Savvy Future – Several jobs are lost to technology in recent times. With the fast-paced corporate environment, it has become very common for companies to automate certain mundane tasks. With the knowledge of coding, our students are future-ready for the tech-savvy world. Knowing how to code will help them adjust well to the future. 
  5. Increased Job Opportunities – Given this tech-savvy future, children who know how to code will have an increased chance of getting a job. In this highly competitive world having a higher chance of landing a job is a major benefit. There is also a wider scope of getting jobs in the tech industry. These opportunities can be treated as an additional benefit to their usual academic advantage. 
  6. Encourages Creativity – when kids learn coding they also learn creativity. Coding is basically creating solutions to problems around. Children can also create games they would want to play. This process of creating solutions promotes creativity in their thought process. It is important for them to think of creative solutions. This mindset of identifying creative solutions can be generalized to other life situations as well. 
  7. Promotes Persistence – Coding projects are usually long-term. They also require children to go through several stages like ideation, planning, execution, and modification. Going through this whole process to complete a project teaches kids persistence. Hence, when kids learn coding, they also learn persistence. 
  8. Problem Solving Skills – Along with creativity and persistence, children learn how to solve problems in a more effective way. This approach towards problems helps them look at them from a different perspective. Students learn different ways to come to a solution which in turn enhances their organized thinking skills
  9. Improves Math Competency – When kids learn programming online it helps them make math fun. Coding and programming have been shown to increase math competency in children. This is a prime example of how coding and its benefits can also be applicable to the general academic curriculum of children. 
  10. Strengthens Self Confidence – When children learn programming online and work on final projects it helps them build self-confidence. Completing projects and seeing the results of their hard work helps them associate this project’s success with their own skills. It is seen that children with higher self-esteem and self-confidence perform better in school and social situations. 

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To summarize, there are some very important soft skills that children learn when they learn to code. Along with these soft skills, they also learn professional skills which help them perform better academically. Coding also improves their career prospects and job flexibility.