How Coding Helps in improving Kids Math Performance

Mathematics has gotten the title of ‘the toughest subject’ in school by most students. It has been a concern for the parents and a source of frustration for the children. While looking at the solutions for this problem, coding emerges to be helpful.

We need to introduce children to creative mathematics to help them enjoy the process. Coding math is the future of learning mathematics and mean problem-solving.


Let’s dig into understanding how coding can help  improve kids’ math performance.

Coding improves mean problem-solving skills

Math is solving arithmetic problems based on particular rules or principles. Coding is exactly the same but in a more practical way. Coding math helps children improve their math problem-solving skills in several ways:

Pattern Identification

While coding, children learn how to identify the patterns in a particular code. This skill is also very essential while solving math problems. Yet , it is difficult to develop this skill with the help of books because of their theoretical approach. 

Critical Thinking

Coding enhances a child’s critical thinking skills. Every time they are faced with a problem they have to analyze the problem. Then think of all possible solutions. To test these solutions, they give instructions to the computer to figure out which solutions worked best.

Attention to Detail

Now while you might question that critical thinking skills can very well develop in a classroom as well, the major difference is the attention to detail. The child might know the answer. Yet because the child has to instruct the computer to solve it, they will have to pay attention to the details. They might miss these details in a classroom.

Practical testing of the solution

Children might come up with several solutions in both math and coding. Yet from coding tutorial children get the opportunity to test the solutions. They will drop the ones that didn’t work. This practical nature of application helps children to absorb the solutions well. They also understand the thought process behind the same.

Patience & Analytical Skills

While coding there will be situations where the code doesn’t run as expected. When children face such problems they use their analytical skills and debug the code. These debug sessions also help them build patience and perseverance. These qualities help in their math performance as well.

Coding helps in the logical reasoning of kids

Logical reasoning is a skill used in all walks of life. It is important to give children a conducive environment to hone these skills. Coding classes for kids provides this opportunity to children very early in life. Here are some of the wonderful ways in which math and coding help children polish their logical reasoning skills:

Practical Application

Children learn several concepts in their math and science classes. Coding provides them with a space to apply these concepts. It also improves their understanding of these concepts. It also strengthens their recall power. Children also learn several different ways to apply a concept. This in turn improves their math performance.

Improves perception of concepts

Coding encourages children to think out of the box. It pushes them to visualize well-defined steps, look out for similarities and differences. It shapes their thought process in a more refined way. This thought process helps the child to bring together math and coding to learn the concepts.


Communication Skills

When a child codes, it is important for them to think about the product from the user’s point of view. This helps them think from the other person’s perspective. It improves their communication skills as well as the final product. The child can now question the concepts learned in mathematics. . These nurture their intellect and act as  the biggest stimulators for their brains.

Coding math and enhanced memory

During the forming stages of children, it is important to give them enough stimulation. It is important for well-rounded brain development. During these years children are developing their memory, attention and other cognitive abilities. Let’s see how creative mathematics along with coding can help children enhance their memory and precision:

Brain centers activation

When children code, they use several skills together. They use math problem-solving skills, test solutions, analyze data, and much more. These activities result in the stimulation of particular brain regions. These regions process language, working memory, and perception.

Boosts Memory

Coding requires one to learn the programming basics of different languages. Regular use of these languages increases an individual’s memory and cognitive aptitude.

Improving working memory

There are several general solutions encountered while coding. But there are also a lot of spontaneous decisions and solutions that children have to make. Doing this process along with mean problem solving boosts working memory in children.

Creative Mathematics and Coding

At its roots, coding is math. Coding is a more applied version of mathematics taught in classes. Yet, creative mathematics and coding are very similar in nature. Coding not only makes math fun but also catalyzes a child’s improvement in math performance. Let’s see how we can achieve this:

Real-life examples

One of the major challenges in a classroom is that most math problems begin with an abstract problem. Here, it becomes difficult for children to understand the problem and solve it. This is where Coding and math come together and make it real and relatable for children.

Visual preparation

Coding makes math very visual. It is easier for children to understand concepts in visual form like graphs, charts, and more. This visual stimulation makes it easier for children to grab mathematical concepts. Activation of certain brain regions takes place. These are the regions  which help improve absorption and retention of these concepts.


We saw several ways in which coding can help enhance a child’s math performance, and mean problem solving. Math and coding give children the opportunity to explore different learning styles. These help them grow and grab concepts. Coding also helps the children develop great math problem-solving skills. We can very well summarize how coding is the new age approach to learning math in a fun way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Children use several skills like pattern identification, analytical skills, and critical thinking. While coding they tend to pay attention to detail. Coding is the practical application of math. It helps improve the mean problem-solving skills in children.
  2. Coding helps improve a child’s logical reasoning skills. It is by improving their perceptual and communication skills in a practical environment.
  3. It also helps in enhancing a child’s memory by activating certain brain regions. It also improves working memory because of its spontaneity. The process of learning programming dialects improves memory.
  4. Coding makes math more fun and creative. It is because of the real-life examples children can relate to. It is a very active process while math in classrooms can be very passive in nature.

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