5 Reasons Why Python Programming is Best for Kids

Benefits of Python programming

In the present world, to keep abreast of the changing technology, it’s necessary to learn to code. Learning computer languages makes the mind sharp (as it pushes the mind to think logically and make decisions). As a Programming teacher, I would suggest that the best programming language to start with, is Python.

Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why Python Programming is best for kids.

Closer to English

The first and foremost reason for learning python as the first programming language is its syntax. The syntax of the language is much closer to that of the English language. Today’s children, from a very young age, learn English.

A language whose code is similar to English becomes the much-sought-after choice. The children find it easy to understand and remember, unlike the code of some older languages like C++ and Java. That’s why it is also called an expressive language.

See the statements below to understand how python coding is easily readable even if you are new to programming.

Many useful libraries for kids

Another benefit of computer programming for kids is, that you have access to several interesting libraries. Some of the libraries are specially made for children and game developers like Turtle Graphics and Pygame. When kids are introduced to programming, rather than trying their hand at very serious programming, it’s better to start with building games and animations. And here Python is very handy. It has some cool libraries which have a variety of methods to choose from. We can create some interesting games which are a replica of online games like Flappy Bird, Space Invader and Snake Game.

Plenty of Career Options

Every parent wants their child to do well in life.

They want the foundation of their child’s career to be laid from the very childhood. The software field has so many careers for today’s youth. Python is one language which gives plenty of career options to choose from. A python developer can go into Game Development and Application Development. There’s one more emerging field, Data Science and Machine Learning. A Data Scientist source, analyze and manage a large amount of data. This data can be used for various decision-making purposes. Python has a lot to offer in this field as well. It has wonderful libraries like Pandas and NumPy. Machine Learning is the future of IT. It is a type of Artificial Intelligence that makes the software algorithms powerful enough to predict the outcomes. Python has some robust libraries like NumPy and SciPy to support Machine Learning.

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Python is an open-source language which is very versatile. It has all the features of a good programming language. It is platform-independent. Hence, it can be used on any platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. Python can also help us in learning Object-Oriented Programming in a much easier manner. It has large community support. So, if today, you are stuck somewhere in Python Programming, there are plenty of people on the internet, who are ready to help. The code is easily extensible and embeddable.

Code Available to Practice

When children delve into the world of programming, they want to expand their horizons and try a variety of projects and applications. They are never disappointed if they are programming in Python. There are lot many projects on the internet that can be referred for practice.


As a closing note, we can say that, if you want your kid to love coding, Python programming is the best way to introduce them to coding. They can put their efforts into understanding the fundamental concepts of Software Programming rather than struggle for learning the syntax. At SkoolofCode, we offer four different modules of Python Programming taking kids from the basics to the advanced level along with the best teachers who have years of expertise teaching computer programming online and hold degrees in computer science or engineering. So, why wait and Book a FREE trial class today to make the journey of learning fun and a memorable one.

By – Amrita Mathur, an educator at Skoolofcode.us taking Python and Web Development classes. Educational Qualification: MCA, B. Ed. and NET (Computer Science)