Promoting Creative thinking with Makey Makey

Creative thinking with Makey Makey

What is creative thinking

Creative thinking is a process that allows children to explore new ideas and find original solutions to problems. It helps them to think outside the box and see things from different perspectives. To be successful in the 21st century, students need to be able to innovate and be creative. Innovation is the process of taking new ideas and turning them into useful products or services. When you combine creativity and innovation, you get computational thinking. Makey Makey is a great way to promote computational thinking because it allows students to be creative and innovative. Computational thinking is a critical 21st-century skill that helps students understand and solve complex problems.

With Makey Makey, there are no limits to what students can create. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to promote computational thinking, Makey Makey is the perfect tool! So, get creative and let your students run wild with their imaginations!

What is Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an Invention Kit for everyone. It opens up a world of possibilities for how you can interact with your computer. It’s a simple Invention Kit that anyone can use to: Make DIY controllers, make new games, make musical instruments, make art and Make hundreds of other projects! With Makey Makey, there are no limits to what you can create. It’s a great way to encourage creativity in kids and adults alike. More information about Makey Makey can be accessed here.

Makey Makey is also a great way to encourage creativity in kids. With Makey Makey, there are no limits to what they can create.

What is the Makey Makey course all about?

This Makey Makey course is designed to promote computational thinking in students. The coding classes for kids are structured around the Makey Makey Invention Kit and introduces students to the basics of electrical circuits, programming, and more. By the end of the course, students will have created their musical instruments, game controllers, and art projects. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use Makey Makey to its full potential. No prior experience is necessary.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and join the Makey Makey revolution!

In this course, students will use Makey Makey to turn everyday objects into controllers for their computers. They will be encouraged to be creative and innovative as they design new games, musical instruments, and other projects. We believe that every student has the potential to be an inventor (our Invention Superheroes), and we hope this Kids Programming Courses will encourage them to explore their creativity.

Let’s explore the skills or concepts our students are learning in this course while tinkering, and having fun with different projects.


Makey Makey is a great way for students to learn about circuits and electricity. Students come up with their version of circuits which make the learning process more interactive.

Logic/ Computational thinking

Makey Makey is also a great way to teach logic. By tinkering and experimenting with Makey Makey, students learn how to problem solve and think critically.


Makey Makey allows students to be creative and innovative with their projects. It’s a great way for them to explore their creativity and come up with new ideas. Makey Makey is a fun and creative way to promote computational thinking in the classroom. The idea is to get creative and let the students have some fun learning and tinkering.

Insulators and Conductors

Our students turn into scientists and test different materials whether they are insulators or conductors. The most interesting conductors tested by our students are capsicum, strawberries, tomatoes, Dragon fruit, etc.

Extending Scratch Projects

Makey Makey provides a platform through which scratch projects can be interfaced with creative circuits. This makes the Scratch projects more interactive.

Design Thinking

Students design their own musical instruments/ game controllers and give shape to their ideas. One of our students played piano with Donuts. The image of the musical instrument is shown below.

Problem-solving and collaboration

By using Makey Makey, students can learn how to break down a problem into smaller parts, identify patterns and come up with creative solutions.


Makey Makey also helps with empathy as it requires students to think from the perspective of others. For example, when designing a game, they need to think about how the player will interact with the game and what controls will be easy to use. Our students designed a Robotic Magic Glove which helped in strengthening fingers and hand muscles. The whole process of exercise became more joyful with the Assistive technology solution.

Brainstorming and Prototyping

Makey Makey allows students to rapidly prototype their ideas. They can quickly test different ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. Our students brainstormed to make a game controller with balloons. The image of the controller is shown below.

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All Makey Makey projects in our course are designed to help students learn different 21st-century skills. As a result, we are constantly striving to empower them with the skills and confidence they need to change the world. Makey Makey is one of the ways we are promoting creativity and computational thinking at SkoolofCode to what they can create.

By : Dr. Kadam Bhambari, an Educator at SkoolofCode with Ph.D. and MTech in Electronics. She is an expert in Microbit, Arduino, and Artificial intelligence.