Importance of Coding for Kids on Spectrum

Girl working on computer

We now speak a language known as code, or programming, to create, express, and communicate our ideas because we live in a digital world. As in painting, the computer is the paintbrush, the programming languages are the paint, and the finished programs are the works of art. Creativity, strong math skills, discipline, logical sequencing, planning, memory, teamwork, and happiness are all encouraged through coding. Through this blog, we will highlight the Importance of Coding for spectrum kids.

Studies have shown that coding, programming, and game development are excellent career alternatives for adults and educational chances for kids, and they particularly appeal to those with a preference for logic and predictability. As a matter of fact, youngsters with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) frequently outperform their peers in terms of digital aptitude because they are rational in their thinking, love regularity, and are visual learners.

If you’re still not persuaded, consider these key skills for why autistic kids should start taking coding classes right away:

Coding builds problem-solving and logical thinking skills

In the form of planned, project-based effort, issue solving is what coding is. It encourages problem-solving and enables kids to think logically.

What could be the best way to build these skills in a fun way while learning to code?

Our programming for beginner classes combines STEM and coding in a project-based learning environment to help kids learn the basics of programming concepts, have fun and build projects in form of stories, projects, and games.

Coding soars creativity

Early coding instruction is crucial because it teaches kids how to experiment, examine options, and come up with fresh answers to challenges. Additionally, it gives students practice building projects from the beginning on their own. Children can use their imagination to design computer programs, share their work with others, and receive feedback.

At SkoolofCode, we offer courses like character animation design and storyboard with Code for young coders. These courses give them an opportunity to express their creativity while developing a plot around the characters they created and coding it into an engaging narrative.

Coding cultivating teamwork

Coding helps students to cooperate in a fun and set environment, improving their capacity for communication and managing social situations. Engaging children in coding classes acts as an ice breaker because developing interpersonal and social skills is difficult for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and typically takes a lot of time.

Good results in learning coding can help to boost confidence

An autistic youngster may feel more self-assured if they know they are succeeding in such a demanding and tangible field. A vital sense of power is generated when children realize they can handle challenges that most people find very challenging.

Our online coding classes for kids help the students to build their presentation skills as they culminate their projects. Children demonstrate their conceptual understanding through presentations (showcase project) in which they discuss the accomplishments they made while working on the assignment.

Coding helps to see results quickly

While learning computer code may initially seem difficult for autistic children, they can actually make great progress more quickly than they can while learning languages or musical instruments. Additionally, the initial results will only serve to boost their motivation.

Coding helps to succeed after failure

The ability to succeed again after failure is something that kids learn when they start to code. Block of code is created from lines of code, bugs are fixed and finally, the scripts are executed. They come to understand that failure isn’t always a terrible thing fact; it frequently ends up being advantageous because it provides an opportunity for learning.

Demand for coders

A profession in software development as well as other fields like data analysis, engineering, and research requires the use of computer coding, which is an essential talent. The demand for computer programmers is currently very high and is expected to increase over the next years.

We are surrounded by technology everywhere we go. Understanding computer mechanisms opens the road for autistic students to engage in fulfilling social interactions and to more successfully acclimate to society. It’s vital to communicate to your child the prospects of coding as a hobby and career.

There is numerous research conducted worldwide to state the effect of Computer Coding on a child with Autism. One for the records is “Cracking The Code “research conducted by four authors from the University of California and published by Researchgate. Another one is an article published in Education Technology which talks about the impact of coding and game building on children with autism.

Now that you’ve been persuaded of the advantages of Coding for your child, where do you start?

In order to teach their own children, the SkoolofCode founders developed a curriculum that is suitable for young learners. The classes quickly gain popularity, and word spread that learning to code at SkoolofCode was entertaining for young people. Through SkoolofCode, you can now provide your kids the opportunity to learn about coding.

At SkoolofCode, we work on 12-week modules that offer a per grade level step-up learning and growth path for each student and interest. Starting with the foundations and working up to the more complex levels. So, why wait and Book a FREE trial class today.

We at SkoolofCode believe that any child with autism may thrive during their weekly lessons and develop transferrable skills that will boost their employability when the time comes.

By Ms. Manpreet Virk, Head of E-learning and an educator at SkoolofCode with degree in M.Phil. and Master in Computer Science. She is passionate about learning and teaching young minds.