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Issue No: 04 | DEC-2022

As soon as the Christmas season arrives, the excitement of the festivities makes us go crazy with enthusiasm. Not only do children look forward to the holiday season with excitement and anticipation, but adults do as well since it provides them with a welcome diversion from their daily routines. Christmas is one such celebration that gives incomparable delight to youngsters and adults alike. This month we talk about the best way you can make the most of these holidays along with your kids, family, and friends.

Be Super Parents to your Super Kids!

Help your child become more confident in themselves!
  • Make your children feel wanted and appreciated.
  • Be positive and show your kid that you trust in them.
  • Reassure your child that blunders are to be expected and dealt with as such.
  • Motivate your kid to expand on their best qualities.
  • Give your kid a chance to speak up and know you’ll listen.
  • Give your kid examples of smart decision-making to emulate.
  • Be upbeat and constructive, rather than negative and destructive.
  • Give your kid a chance to be themselves.

Learning Happens Everywhere and All-time!

It’s essential to filter out kid-friendly web content. We’ve listed the top 2022 kid-friendly educational YouTube channels for kids to aid parents. 
  1. Minute Physics: Minute Physics explains physics principles through whiteboard animation. It’s one of the best YouTube channels for kids to learn Physics early on and for physics fans.
  2. Bright Side: This YouTube channel teaches kids, tweens, and teens life tips, and riddles.
  3. Art For Kids Hub: Parent of an Art-lover? If so, Art for kids hub is a great YouTube channel. Every week, new Art lessons are released to help kids explore their creativity. Beginner art supplies are recommended. It’s one of the top kid-friendly YouTube channels.
  4. Cosmic Kids Yoga: Healthy body, healthy mind. Kids require strength, attentiveness, and balance just like adults. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel for kids that teaches them yoga skills. Children above 3 can watch the station.
  5. Storyline Online: Storyline Online is great for kids who love to read and listen. The video’s imaginative storylines and creative illustrations will fascinate kids. This channel can help kids build good reading habits.

Christmas Activities

Be the child that they never got a chance to see, color with them, dance with them, or go overboard with candies. Here’s a list of activities for kids to help parents make the holiday special.

  1. Make your own E-greeting cardGetting a personalized Christmas card is like getting a gift from Santa. Create your own digital holiday card using Canva.
  2. Create a flashing holiday greetingA paper circuit that lights up a holiday card that the whole family will love. If you need some motivation, consider the following: Paper circuit, greeting cards, holiday ornaments, and Menorahs are all possible projects for the holiday season.
  3. Code a Christmas narrative or game: Scratch is a kid-friendly programming language for making interactive media like games and storytelling.
  4. Code a Christmas songEarSketch is a programming platform from Georgia Tech that teaches coding for kids through music creation or remixing. Earsketch features a “Blocks mode” interface for text-based programmers. Code your favorite holiday tune in Python or Javascript. 
  5. Winter is coming: Python’s Turtle module helps programmers learn while developing interesting designs. Snowflake Challenge is a Christmas STEM exercise or making New Year’s Eve fireworks.
  6. Build your Chatbot: More people are using chatbots. They answer questions, recommend things, and sell. chatbot for children? Then what? What if the chatbot had AI and ML?
    Keep reading and we will help you build your own Chatbot. You’ll learn how to develop a machine-learning chatbot that can adapt to different settings and learn from user interactions. 


Google’s AI Experiments construct a virtual orchestra using AI and Pose Recognition. The user controls the AI orchestra by making body motions. This creative event blends antique and modern instruments. Google’s AI Experiments let you choose instruments and volume. Anyone may conduct using this unique technique. Imagine conducting a home orchestra and playing your tune.

This is a Christmas-themed entertainment website that adds daily activities full of December. 
  • Santa’s Elves teaches coding through games. 
  • Discover worldwide vacation traditions, translations, and quizzes.
  • Get inspired and create with your favorite characters.
  • Family time, see the group on the big screen or read an interactive storybook about Ollie the Narwhal.

Curb Your Curiosity!

What Are Snowflakes?
The Science Behind These Phenomenal Crystals
Snowflakes provide a great way to explore science, maths, and computing concepts with kids while having fun in the snow. Explore the beauty of nature and learn something new this winter. 

The Snowflake Effect combines engineering, computing, and mathematics to mimic snowflake patterns. By examining snowflakes’ minute intricacies, engineers and computer professionals can make digital duplicates. This Snowflake Effect technology studies snowflakes’ shapes, sizes, and physics.

Upcoming Workshop and Celebrations

Hour of Code

Through this event, we want to break the coding myths and spread the word that anyone can code.  We would like to urge our students to spread coding literacy and introduce coding to someone be it friends, family, neighborhood, libraries, or any other leisure spaces.  Let us make a difference and introduce at least one new person to the world of coding. You can use the hour of code website to try out some interesting activities. Do record, click share your contribution with us at , we will be delighted to see our young brigade contribute to the world of knowledge and education.