Yes, a 12-Year-Old Can Learn Python – Here’s How

12year old can learn Python

Conscientious parents would want their children to be prepared for the future. While doing so we come across the fact that technology is playing a vital role in today’s world and it becomes essential for an individual to be well-equipped with the basic technology around. We also understand the importance of knowing some amount of programming. Thus, we also desire to uncover the world of coding for our children.

In the journey of learning to code for kids, we meet various languages starting from block coding to real textual ones. Here appears a very popular language Python. We wish that our child learns that too but the question that comes to our mind is – Can my 12-year-old learn python? Would my child be able to code in python himself? Etc.

My answer to such questions is –Yes, 12 years old can learn python!  Next that you would want to ask is How? Let’s see How it works.

We @SkoolOfCode have coding classes for kids online where  we also have python for kids. However, as a parent you still have a few questions in mind like Why Python, or is it suitable at this age? Today I’m here to walk you through such questions as Why Python is and what makes python more suitable for 12 years old than any other language.

What is Python Coding?

Python is a general-purpose computer language. This means that unlike JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Python can be used for other types of computer programming and software besides web building. Python is a versatile language and is used for many purposes. Its usage varies from processing large data, creating software, Back-end and server-side programming, Desktop app, etc.

What makes Python so popular?

Python is easy to learn because of its simple syntax. Its versatility, efficiency, reliability, and speed add to make it likable among software developers. It’s considered a programming language for the real world. That’s because developers use it for automation. With python, it isn’t very tasking to create automation and use software tools to test or create reports.

 As we all know in current time web development is fast growing leading industry, python can be used for web development. Another very important area of present-day is Artificial Intelligence. Python is an interpreted language which means it can be easily understood by computers this makes it an ideal programming language for machine learning software.

Current trends in big data, machine learning, and cloud computing lists python as the second most popular programming language for analytical use. With all these features in python for any programmer it is natural to consider python as a first choice when developing any software.


What makes Python suitable for 12-year-olds?

One of the top benefits of Python is that it’s easily accessible and doesn’t come at a high cost for parents. Another advantage of Python is that it offers children lots of prospects for their future as it’s still seen as one of the best coding languages for beginners. Python is known as the fastest computer language which keeps in high demand. Therefore, Python is a great option if you are looking at forming a future in programming.

Python is beginner’s friendly– Since the syntax is simple, someone who is a beginner can concentrate on the concept rather than remembering the difficult syntax and symbols. Unlike other languages, it doesn’t use abbreviations or symbols while coding. This makes coding easy in python.

Python is easy to learn– The simple way of coding makes python easy to learn for kids. When coding in python it uses words the same as simple English this allows the learner to write the same as they think. For example- logic to decide whether to perform a task or not is just as simple as an “If” statement in the English language.

Python is user-friendly– This quality of python enables the child to code in python quicker and faster as compared to any other popular programming language.

No prior experience– Beginners or age no bar. Whatever level of learning programming or any age you can be trained in python. It does not require any previous knowledge of programming to comprehend and appreciate python as a programming language.


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I’m sure with the above discussion we are confident and well aware of why we need to learn python.

Where can we learn it from? Would my child be able to grasp the concepts?


SkoolOfCode is one such platform that specializes in teaching online coding to kids of all ages. What is better than learning from experts in the area? We have a team of experienced educators continuously working on content development to make coding easy to learn.

 We have broken the concepts of coding into parts that simplify the learning process and at the same time holds the child’s interest. SkoolOfCode has designed modules keeping the age factor in mind to empower its students, making them capable to create fun projects confidently and independently. Our students are aware of concepts and can code for various projects- from a simple calculator to a graphics game moving on all the way applying oops concepts and creating a full-fledged game. Take a look at a few made by our students- Trivia game, Snake game, Hangman, and Queues many more.

As reflected, SkoolOfCode exposes the students to different kinds of projects selected after a lot of research keeping in view the age factor of the child so that the concepts are well grasped. Our students are aware of the software life cycle and work on it while they work on the tiniest of the problem. Thus, the child chooses the most appropriate technique and applies the coding concepts of the programming language in a systematic process. How about seeing it for yourself- Book a trial session today!


By: Ms. Divya Dalal, an educator working with SkoolofCode taking Scratch and Python classes. She has done MCA, Master in Technology in Software Engineering.