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Issue No: 03 | NOV-2022

November 8th is World STEM/STEAM Day. There’s no denying that children benefit from a strong background in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. These programs are vital to society. We should all celebrate the importance of these subjects and how they are taught in interesting and engaging ways in our coding classes for kids. This month will be celebrated as STEM/STEAM month at SkoolofCode.

A Celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

With STEM day, we also celebrate the coding programs for kids since it allows them to explore STEM subjects and contemplate new scientific and technology careers. It develops young minds into tomorrow’s thinkers, innovators, and inventors.

How STEM Education Evolved into STEAM Education: The Importance of Arts

With more innovative technology, there is an emphasis on soft skills across the market. So, the need for a designed coding curriculum that integrates STEM with arts is developing. The knowledge of arts such as designing and writing helps STEM workers solve problems interactively.

Learning Happens Everywhere and All-time!

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to discover STEM activities. All you need are common household items to conduct these experiments.

1. Cranberries hide communications.
Why eat cranberries when you can hide messages? Write in invisible ink with baking soda and disclose the words by painting cranberry juice and sauce. This project will delight and teach your young investigators about acids and bases.
2. Create turkey balloon rockets
Balloon-powered turkey rockets demonstrate pressure, thrust, and force. Kids use a drinking straw to tie a foam, paper, and feather turkey to the string “racing track” in this STEM project. The first turkey to reach the end wins! Expect everyone to race their turkeys again.
3. Pumpkin Clock
Try a potato clock with pumpkins, sweet potatoes, yams, or other Thanksgiving favorites. Green science teaches batteries and electricity.

Curious Observation

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful things in nature. Have you ever noticed the shape of rainbows? They always have a curved shape with seven different colors. But why does this happen? What’s the science behind the colors and shapes of the rainbow?  

Which shape is often used to build bridges, towers, and other tall structures?
  • Triangle
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
We will be waiting to hear from you. Write to us on our Facebook page.

Quick Fix– Next time you go shopping with your child and find it difficult to manage, try this: Ask them to count the number of distinct shapes they observe.

Superstars of every show

Our STEM-based programming for kids courses teaches scratch coding, python, robotics, web development, and more. Work presentations mark each course’s end. These presentations reflect the subject matter, procedure, and STEM project learning. Students are our greatest accomplishments! Visit our achievement gallery here.


Mathway is an app that can not only solve math problems but also walk you through the steps it took to get there. In the absence of a teacher or tutor, or even if you’re an adult who just wants to double-check your math, this can be a huge help to you. Mathway is the go-to site for solving math problems among children, parents, and educators, with millions of users and billions of problems completed.

Merriam-Webster App (Android and iOS) is a free good dictionary for word research. Many of the app’s features are free such as –
  • Finding words using your voice
  • Find extensive information on the words you search for reading offline
  • Word games to help you improve vocabulary
This software is American, thus spellings and pronunciations are American English.

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