An overview of the mobile app development course

Mobile App Development

In today’s world, where kids are into technology at a very young age, a smartphone is one such gadget that fascinates these young minds. It would be so much fun if these young learners could create their own apps and share them with their friends and families. This will give them a sense of achievement and a zeal to explore further. This article intends to give you an overview of the Mobile App Development Course.

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Who can benefit from learning a mobile app development course?

Mobile App Development is the next step after kids are equipped with block-based coding (like Scratch). This is suitable for kids who have prior knowledge of block-based coding. They move a step ahead in coding and unleash their creativity with app development. Mobile App Development can be learned using MIT App Inventor which is a free Web IDE originally developed by Google and now maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With MIT App Inventor, mobile app development becomes simple with block-based coding classes for kids. Even kids can learn it. Unlike the complexity involved while working with Android Studio, MIT App Inventor is simple yet it helps us to delve deeper into advanced programming concepts.

What is the Mobile App Development course all about?

There is no area in which applications are not developed, whether it be Business, Games, or Entertainment. We may say that those alternatives are endless. We initially introduced a mobile app development course for beginners.

After they learn how to build simple apps and become accustomed to the front-end design and blocks in MIT App Inventor, young minds get absorbed in the creation of Doodling and Gaming applications. The desire to test their app on their phone is intense as kids get enthralled in the development of Doodling and Gaming applications.

In the first module (Gaming App), pupils learned how to construct games based on their own ideas. The adventure continues with the Utility app, where they explore and learn about device components such as the Camera.

They create apps that show horoscopes from within the app, the Notemaker app, and other applications. The learning then progresses to more advanced topics like List, Procedure with input parameters, and Dictionary.

In the final module, students learn to engage their friends and families in a quiz app. This helps in understanding Lists and indexes in depth.

What are the key benefits of learning the course?

For children, creating an app for the iPhone or Android is a fantastic pastime. It teaches them how to think logically, plan ahead, develop skills, and solve problems. It aids in the comprehension of the app development process by assisting kids to understand how things work. So, why wait and Book a FREE trial class today.