How Game design can provide kids with a bright future

Game Design can prove useful to the kids



As a parent, you want your kids to have the best possible future. You work hard to give them the best opportunities and make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. But what about games? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of their future, but the game kids play can provide kids with some amazing opportunities. Now you may ask that “How Game Design can provide kids with a bright future? Keep reading to find out!

Think about the last time you played a video game. Did you feel like you had just wasted your time? Or were you so engaged in the game that hours flew by and you barely noticed? Chances are, it was the latter. That’s because video games are engaging, with the challenges, the rewards, and the creative spark they help us unwind, de-stress, and focus.

When was the last time you saw your child focus and persevere, well many of us would struggle to answer the perseverance bit for sure, let me give you a quick reminder, Games it is, they focus, they play, they lose, they try again and this cycle goes simply because interest develops focus, focus helps channel our energies on the task at hand and hence leads to perseverance.

This deep interest in games can be shaped to help the young minds build a better future, encouraging your kids to Design video games will help open the doors to a very promising field owing to the world of gaming taking a very crucial turn from being a world of entertainment to being at the cusp of the best method of any form of learning coding tutorial. Who knows your child might be the next computer game designer!

What is game designing?

Game designing is the process in which a game is conceptualized and created. The thought process that goes in making a game, its strategy, its economy, analyzing its target audience. This can involve coming up with story ideas, designing levels, creating characters, and even scripting gameplay. and it’s something that anyone can learn how to do with the right resources.

Being someone who loves to design video Games can be a very challenging and rewarding career, a job that can range from being extremely specialized to a generic profile depending on the size and structure of an organization. Computer game designers may come up with ideas and pitch them to the team, once approved – they work closely with artists/animators, developers to layout detail so that everything runs smoothly from design detail down into implementation.

Benefits of being a computer games designer

It’s no secret that the video game industry is booming. In fact, as of, 2018 it was worth an estimated $138.9 billion! This is in part because gaming has become more and more mainstream over the years, but it’s also because the industry has started to tap into new markets. One such market is child development, where the games kids play are now being designed with educational purposes in mind. So, if you’re a parent wondering if gaming is a good activity for your kid, the answer is yes – but only if they’re playing the right kind of games.

  • Fun work environment – most video game designers enjoy their jobs and have a lot of fun working on games.
  • Creative freedom – you get to come up with new ideas and concepts for games.
  • It’s a constant boost to your strategic, logical and creative thinking.
  • Exciting challenges – every project is different and presents new challenges.
  • Good pay and benefits – the industry is growing rapidly and offers good salaries and benefits Video game designers are often offered stock options.

How can your kid get involved in designing?

We all know that video games are a big part of our kids’ lives and many kids are getting into game design as a hobby. But do you know “How game design provides kids with a bright future? Here are some tips on how your kid can get started in this exciting and fun activity.

Encouraging children to understand how to design video games can help them build some very important life skills

Interpersonal Skills – Interpersonal skills are the ability to effectively communicate and interact with others. They include all of the things we do to build relationships – from listening and communicating clearly, to being sympathetic and understanding, to dealing with conflict in a constructive way.

Teamwork – Team spirit for sure is a major task. Teamwork teaches cooperation and communication skills. Working together towards a common goal can help children learn how to communicate effectively and cooperatively. When everyone is on the same page, tasks can be completed much more efficiently.

Persistence – the never-give-up attitude.  We’ve all heard the saying “if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.” That’s persistence. It’s having the determination to keep going no matter what. And it’s a quality that is essential for success in any area of life.

Perseverance is a character trait that is worth striving for. It helps us push through tough times and overcome any obstacle in our way. With perseverance, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Design Thinking – Design thinking is a process that helps people solve problems creatively. It involves taking into account the user’s needs and desires and using that information to create something new, testing them, improvising on them, and coming up with the best possible outcome. Design thinking can be used in all sorts of situations, from making new products to planning a party.


So, it is quite clear How game design can provide kids with a bright future? Start by teaching them how to code. Coding is one of the ways of acquiring the skills needed for game designers and it can be learned at a young age with the right guidance and resources. Some of the best coding classes for kids offer a very holistic approach to learning where courses are curated to help them build a foundation for creating their own games or helping to develop an existing one, in addition to developing other essential skills that game designers need such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity along the way. So, why wait and Book a FREE trial class today. These skills can also be developed through play and exploration. By providing a variety of play experiences for your child, you’re allowing them to discover their talents and interests. And who knows? They may end up becoming the next big thing in the gaming industry!