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Issue No: 02 | OCT-2022

A STEM-based Computer Science curriculum

Our programming for kids courses blend STEM together with Coding in a project and product-based setting, to help learn anything from Scratch coding, 3D Game development, Python, Java, Robotics to web development, and read more...


Weekday - Weekend Hustle Bustle

Families nowadays move fast. Parents work 40+ hours a week at the workplace or at home. Kids have after-school activities and homework. Weekend games, parties, and errands leave little time to smell the flowers. Because time is so essential, planning your family's schedule is key to work-life balance.
  • Stay consistent: The only way to get the balance you want is to stay consistent and keep your mind on your goal.
  • Ground Your Body: It's important to relax your body after a long day at work. You can do this by taking some time for yourself, having a warm dinner with your family, and working out.
  • Always Talk: Talk to your family and friends about how stressed you are at work. If they know about your job, they'll be more understanding of how busy you are.
  • Take Help: It's not bad to ask your friends and family for small favors. Share your chores with your family, and try not to take on too much by yourself.
  • Stay healthy: You can't balance work and family life if you're not healthy. To stay mentally and physically fit, eat well and exercise every day.
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Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and there is no doubt that it offers many benefits. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks that come with using the internet, especially for kids. As a parent, you can help to keep your kids safe online by following a few simple guidelines. 
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Play Time 
Google's Interland is a fun coding games for kids online full of adventures that helps kids learn about digital safety and digital citizenship in a way that is interactive and fun, just like the Internet itself. Here, kids can practice the skills they need to be good digital citizens and help their fellow Internet users deal with hackers, phishers, people who share too much information, and bullies.
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Bring the family, popcorn, and refreshments for a fun-learning SUPER-STEM movie night. Many scientific movies can show kids how fun STEM is. Here are some movies for your next family movie night. We provided family-friendly lessons.
1. Hidden Figures: Race or gender shouldn't stop you from changing the world.
2. The Martian: Work despite the odds. When facing issues, strategize!
3. Dream Big: Engineering Our World: Kids from varied backgrounds can be global innovators.
4. Underwater Dreams: Anyone can vanquish Goliaths with imagination, effort, strategy, and luck.
5. Apollo 13: There's more to problem-solving than overcoming obstacles. Leadership, communication, courage, and teamwork are all important.
6. The Lego Movie: Life has no manual. You can obey the rules, but sometimes ingenuity and problem-solving are your only options.
7. Big Hero: Friendship and teamwork are as important as obstacle-solving skills. When our friends need us, we're heroes.
8. Wall-E: Progress, development, and technology are good, but they must not harm the environment.
9. Meet the Robinsons: Keep going! Never let difficulties stop you from succeeding.
10. Dr. Suess' The Lorax: We can maintain the earth for future generations if we respect the ecosystem and all living species.
Physics Toolbox Suite Pro is a free app that lets you use the power of mobile sensors like motion, light, sound, magnetic field, and ambient pressure sensors. It makes science classes better and easier to do research that can be used in high school, college, and the workplace.
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Seek boosts nature knowledge. Identify flora and animals using picture recognition technologies.
  1. Point Seek Camera at live things outside.
  2. Learn about local fauna, flora, and fungi.
  3. Observe species and complete challenges to earn badges.
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Workshop & Competition

Spooky Coding Workshop

  • Programming language: Scratch, Make code, and Python 
  • Age Category: suitable for a range of year levels. 
  • For more information and to register visit www.moonhack.com 


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