Top Careers for Coders in 2022

If you search for the best five career choices in 2022 on Google, it is not surprising to get results like Data Scientist, Full Stack Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, etc. You can go to any popular website like Investopedia or Forbes, the popular jobs will always include the jobs related to software. This brings us to the next important point. If learning coding is so essential in today’s time then what are the top careers for coders in 2022.

Top Careers for Coders in 2022

The tech job not only give you work-from-home flexibility but also has high pay packages. The following is a list of the best career choices in the coding field:

Software Developer

This is one of the most sought-after career options for a Software Engineer nowadays. With so many start-ups coming up and everything going online because of the pandemic, the Software Developer job is one of the top careers for coders in 2022. A software engineer can be a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or a full-stack developer. You can choose your path by following your passion. If you are more passionate about designing and managing websites then Front-end development is your calling. Else, you can go for Back-end as well. Also, smaller companies sometimes look for full-stack developers to manage both the front-end and back-end. In SkoolofCode, we have Web development as well as python for kids online courses. One can enroll in these courses to get an understanding of various computer languages and how they can be learned to improve future job prospects.

Data Scientists

Data Scientist is another top career for coders in 2022. The job of a data scientist is to collect data for organizations, analyze it, and find trends and patterns for business decisions. You require a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a Master’s degree or a course from a recognized university in Data Science courses online to go for this career. The knowledge of a programming language is a must with Python being the foremost choice. It has useful libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib to manage unstructured data sets. These libraries help to implement AI and Data Science concepts. We also have courses on Java which is again a versatile language to learn.

Machine-Learning Engineer

Machine Learning is one of the most upcoming fields in today’s time. It is the latest technological advancement in the field of Computer Science. Machine Learning is a field that comprises the algorithm that makes machines capable of becoming more accurate in predicting the learning outcomes rather than explicitly programmed to do so. Python again leads the pack. Python libraries such as OpenCV and Scikit-Learn can be used to implement Machine Learning concepts.

Game Developer

Game Developers not just conceptualize the game idea but also design, code, and maintain the game. They are responsible for any future changes and releases. The Gaming industry is booming like anything. And due to the rise in mobile devices and user-friendly game consoles, it’s a favored career option. We can get our kids enrolled in various game app development courses for kids so that they get a fair idea of how the game development works.

Computer Systems Engineer

The Computer System Engineers work closely with the clients to understand their product’s requirements. They take care of System’s requirements and network issues. They are responsible to monitor, organize and manage a project’s tasks. Again, a degree in Computer Science is required. Certifications in AWS and Networking also help.

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By – Ms. Amrita Mathur , an educator at SkoolofCode taking Python and Web Development classes. She holds the degree in MCA, B. Ed. and NET (Computer Science).